Early Start Conference

28 September 2015

University of Wollongong

At the core of the Early Start mission is the goal of improving children’s lives. The Early Start Conference will address the challenges that exist in policy and practice for children, families and educators by exploring current approaches to research in the early years of life and proposing strategies for the future that will both inform and improve work in the field.

Professor Catherine Snow from Harvard University will provide the Conference keynote address. Conference themes encompass Cognitive Development, Pedagogy and Education Policy, Social Inclusion, Healthy Lifestyles, and Digital Learning and Literacy.


Early Start is an interdisciplinary teaching, research, and community initiative designed to enable a new generation of graduates to work with young children, their families and communities. The Early Start Facility houses a Discovery Space that offers exciting learning experiences for young children and their families, and is designed to connect a network of early childhood education and care centres across regional, rural and remote areas of Australia with researchers and specialist practitioners.